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Ford trolled Tesla due to the recent «blocking» of electric cars

A Ford official posted an ironic post on Twitter referring to Tesla's problems.

The other day, Tesla had a massive failure: due to a broken mobile application, about a hundred owners of electric cars could not get into the salon. The fact is that most of the brand's customers use a smartphone to unlock doors, and do not carry a regular keychain with them. In social networks, mass complaints and claims were poured into Tesla, and the director of communications of the Ford concern, Mike Levin, trolled the competitor, recalling the proprietary "Ford" SecuriCode technology, which has been used for many years.

One of the Twitter users shared a photo of Joe Biden driving a Ford F-150 — the US president took part in a test drive of the new American concern this spring. On the outside of the door, you can notice a panel with buttons — this is a proprietary SecuriCode system that allows you to set your own custom code to unlock door locks. Mike Levin drew attention to the photo and accompanied it with an ironic comment: "With SecuriCode, you are never locked out of your vehicle. Know what I mean?".

This is not the first time automakers have exchanged barbs on social media, interviews, or commercials. Ford also got it, for example, because of the poor-quality assembly of the new Bronco. The SUV was criticized for the sloppy interior cladding of the roof — it was cut off more than necessary, had uneven edges, and deformed at the fasteners. The company promised to replace the roof for free on all defective Bronco.

Earlier this fall, Jeep in the US Jim Morrison hinted in an interview about the competitor's problem, saying: "It's going to rain on Saturday, so I don't think we'll meet at least one Bronco this weekend."

Sometimes the reason for trolling is the design features of a particular car. In 2019, Mercedes-Benz and BMW mutually made fun of each other on Halloween: BMW posted a post on Twitter with a photo of a Mercedes-Benz E-Class covered with a blanket with an image of the M5. The caption to the picture read: "Today, any car can dress up in a favorite superhero costume."

The response from Daimler AG, which produces cars under the Mercedes-Benz brand, followed immediately: the concern said that the suit turned out to be really scary, and especially the radiator grille, disputes about the size of which have not subsided to this day.

Source: Twitter.com/mrlevine

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