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In Europe protests against the tightening of anti-epidemic measures

Protests against the tightening of anti-epidemic measures took place in many European cities this weekend. In some cases, for example, in Rotterdam, Vienna, and Zagreb, it came to clashes with the police. In Brussels, law enforcement forces had to use water cannons and tear gas — after an initially peaceful demonstration with about 35,000 participants turned into clashes with the police. The European press fears a split in society and gives positive examples.

The virus is more dangerous than riots

The Belgian authorities should not follow the lead of the protesters and refuse decisions that are vital for so many people, writes De Standaard:

"Many of us in the circle of relatives, friends, and acquaintances have people whose important operations had to be postponed [due to the overload of the healthcare system] — or people for whom a new outbreak of the epidemic is particularly dangerous. This concern is not as clear as the disturbing footage from Brussels. The demonstration is certainly a wake-up call. The thinking of conspiracy theorists is contagious, and polarization in society is dangerous. But the virus itself is even more dangerous and contagious. Fear of violent opponents of vaccination should not influence politicians, and what should influence is concern about the fate of cancer patients."

Rome is ahead of the whole planet

On the example of Italy, it is obvious that it is possible to act differently," La Repubblica notes with satisfaction:

"What is brewing inside the anti-vaccination movement No Vax is the most intolerant and dangerous version of populist denial of democracy: it rejects a vaccine that protects the collective health of citizens, identifying it with a repressive state in order to deprive its representative institutions of legitimacy. ... In this refusal to recognize scientific knowledge, in these seeds of hatred for one's neighbor and the spread of acts of physical and digital violence lies the most serious danger to the security and prosperity of Europe. ... As the country best protected from the virus, Italy must continue to make bold decisions in order to serve as an example of political stability and reliability in the health sector for the EU."

Let the people decide for themselves?

On November 28, Switzerland will hold a referendum on the abolition of the vaccination certificate, which is now required for visiting restaurants, cinemas, and public spaces. Observers assume that the initiators of the vote will fail. Perhaps citizens just need to feel the fullness of responsibility, — such reflections are shared by the Aargauer Zeitung:

"The Swiss Federal Council [the government] voluntarily refuses to lead the country. Perhaps, indeed, it would be better if the people took matters into their own hands. The sense of personal responsibility among the citizens of our country is expressed much more than in neighboring countries. The example of Germany and Austria, where it came to escalation, clearly showed that it is necessary to act very carefully. Last year, many citizens changed their behavior even before the introduction of lockdown — just following the growth of infection statistics."

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