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The Taliban banned TV programs featuring women

The radical Taliban movement has banned television programs featuring women in Afghanistan. This was reported to Anadolu the day before with reference to the statement of the Ministry of Islamic Appeal, Orientation, the command of the good, and the prohibition of the reprehensible.

The new rules for the work of the media in the country are presented to all existing TV channels. Female TV presenters, according to the new rules, must wear a hijab. Television series and theatrical productions with the participation of women are prohibited.

All films and TV series that contradict Islamic laws and Afghan traditions are also banned.

The Ministry has banned the screening of films that inculcate foreign culture, as well as any TV series that depicts the Prophet Muhammad and his companions.

According to the Association of Free Journalists of Afghanistan, after the Taliban seized power in August this year, about 200 media outlets were forced to close due to funding problems and other restrictions.

Recall that in September, the Taliban imposed a ban on sports for women. Islam and the Islamic Emirate do not allow women to play cricket or engage in any sport where their faces and figures are visible, a Taliban spokesman said.

Earlier it was reported that the Taliban obliged women studying at private universities and colleges to wear a niqab during classes – a face-covering Muslim headdress with a slit for the eyes.

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