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The dollar was excluded from the list of reliable currencies

Despite the fact that most people consider the dollar to be the most reliable currency, it has not shown the best stability throughout its history. To date, the Swiss franc is the leader in the ranking of the strongest currencies.

Investors have been investing most in this currency for a century, since Switzerland has the highest level of economic freedom. The attractiveness was primarily influenced by very low inflation, the study notes.

The Czech crown is on the second line. It also significantly strengthened against the US currency. All this happened due to the fact that prices in the Czech Republic have not changed dramatically for quite a long time. Significant funds are also invested in the country to support and develop various projects.

The New Zealand dollar closes the top three, which strengthened by 33 percent. Its stability is ensured by a developed market economy.

In general, according to experts, over the past 20 years, the dollar has lost about 10% of its value against major world currencies. However, it still acts as a reserve currency for most countries and many payment transactions are carried out with its help.

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