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A US army officer predicted the appearance of dangerous hunter tanks in Russia

The upgraded T-72 can get a new deadly role, writes the American portal 19FortyFive.

As the author of the article, military analyst and former US Army officer Brent Eastwood notes, Moscow is in no hurry to retire its veteran T-72 tank. Although this combat vehicle is almost 50 years old, it still occupies an important place in the arsenal of the Russian ground forces, the expert points out. It was this tank that once served as a formidable weapon of the Soviet Union against NATO during the Cold War. And it seems that he continues to maintain his former glory.

Brent Eastwood recalls: currently, Russia has about 2,000 T-72 tanks in service. All combat vehicles are planned to be upgraded to the T-72B3M version: this task was set last year by the head of the Russian defense Ministry, Sergei Shoigu.

Eastwood emphasizes: for many decades, T-72 tanks have been improved, but the latest modification can change the "role" of legendary combat vehicles on the battlefield.

So, one of the main trump cards of the modernized machine, an officer of the American army considers the improved 125-millimeter main gun 2A46M5.

"This gun makes the old Russian tank a worthy competitor to many main battle tanks from around the world," Eastwood states.

The American expert calls the Kalina multifunctional digital fire control system of the new generation, which uses the upgraded T-72, "first-class". The updated combat vehicle is capable of attacking the enemy with the latest ammunition — armor-piercing and high-explosive shells, as well as anti-tank missiles.

Also, upgraded versions of the T-72B3M received a specially designed V-92S2F engine with a capacity of about 1100 horsepower.

"The T-72 was originally designed to accompany infantry, but an impressive modernization package will help it change its role and turn into a real hunter-killer," Eastwood summarizes.

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