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The Prime Minister of Sweden resigned immediately after the appointment

After a couple of hours of work at the prime minister's post of Magdalena Andersson the coalition collapsed

The first female Prime Minister of Sweden, Magdalena Andersson, did not hold her post for more than a day. The day after her election, she resigned but stated that she was ready to lead the government once again.

This is reported by Reuters.

"I don't want to lead a government in which there may be grounds for doubt about its legitimacy," the 54–year-old leader of the Social Democrats explained her decision at a press conference.

The politician also put forward a condition that she is ready to lead another one-party government, in which only her Social Democratic Workers' Party will be represented.

This position appeared after the second member of the government coalition — the Green Party — withdrew from it. At the same time, the parliament did not support the draft state budget submitted by the Andersson government. The opposition's project was supported. Andersson initially stated that she could run the country with such a budget. However, the Green Party did not like that the budget took into account the wishes of the nationalist and right-wing populist party Sweden Democrats (strongly opposed to migrants), which is why the Greens left the government.

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