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Russian Navy ships in Irish waters «threaten» millions of people

The maneuvers of the Russian fleet near Ireland may have serious consequences for Western countries. Such conclusions were presented by experts from Britain.

Some time ago, representatives of Ireland declared their inability to protect the submarine cables laid from the United States to Great Britain. The most important strategic underwater communications turned out to be defenseless against attacks by foreign spies. According to analysts, against this background, the British authorities are seriously concerned about the activity of the Russian fleet, whose ships have been seen several times in the cable laying area. This is reported by the Daily Express.

"Currently, Ireland is connected to the United States by four cables. Eight more lead to the UK," the authors told the Daily Express.

Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Google rely on underwater cables to transfer huge amounts of data to Irish servers. These communications are also used to exchange information between various financial structures. Damage to this underwater infrastructure could leave millions of people without access to the Network.

Ships of the Russian Navy, including the secret research vessel Yantar, are often noticed near these communications. In August, his maneuvers in the immediate vicinity of the coast of Ireland caused a great resonance among the local media.

"We have no idea what's going on underwater. We don't know if any devices are connected to these data cables," said defense specialist John Brady.

In Britain, it is believed that the appearance of Russian ships near submarine cables means that the Russian Navy is looking for vulnerabilities in the defense of a potential enemy. Unguarded underwater communications could not fail to attract the attention of the Russian military.

"Russia threatens millions as it runs rampant in Irish waters," British journalists expressed their opinion.

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