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Russia's reaction to the crash of the British F-35 disappointed the US

Russia has disappointed the United States and other Western countries with its reaction to the situation with the crash of a British F-35 fighter jet in the Mediterranean Sea. Such information was shared by military analysts from China.

A few days ago, a British F-35 Lightning II fighter jet, which took off from the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, crashed in the Mediterranean Sea. The incident caused a great resonance in the Western media, which vied with each other to declare that Russia would be the first to try to get to the wreckage of the fallen plane. However, in the end, the reaction of the Russian Federation was disappointing for the West. This is reported by the Chinese publication Baijiahao.

"After the crash, Western media warned that Russia could join the search for the F-35 in order to steal the technology of this stealth aircraft," the authors of Baijiahao note.

The plane crashed in the deep waters of the Mediterranean Sea and therefore its search is accompanied by technological difficulties. It is still not very clear whether the British managed to find the exact location of their fighter. Against this background, the West believed that Russia, which has the equipment necessary for conducting deep-sea operations, would join this race. But her attitude to the incident disappointed the United States, Great Britain, and other Western countries.

Russia said that the F-35 aircraft are not of great interest to the Russian defense industry. The latter has made great progress in the development of stealth fighters in recent years, and therefore it does not need Western technologies.

"The wreckage of the F-35 proved meaningless for Russia," Chinese experts stated.

Instead of searching for details from the F-35, the Russian side is promoting its new fifth-generation fighter Checkmate. It is believed that it will compete with the F-35 aircraft in the global arms market and have a serious advantage over it. The Russian car is several times cheaper than fighter jets, the wreckage of one of which is now being searched for at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

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