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Tesla called Ford charging stations a bad copy of its Supercharger chargers

After Ford-branded charging stations appeared in the city of Dover in the U.S. state of Delaware at one of the local dealers of the brand, the American automaker was accused of copying the design, since charging really looks like Tesla Supercharger charging stations. They have almost the same rectangular silver case with an oval cutout in the middle and the brand logo on top. Except that the inscriptions are made in blue, not red, like Tesla.

Charging stations are so similar that Twitter users joked that the Ford logo was simply applied to the Superchargers. Others note that it's probably in the design and the form of charging is due only to its functionality. One way or another, but the director of product design at Tesla, Javier Verdura, wrote on Twitter that Ford charging stations are "an insincere, too large, poorly executed copy of our design." Currently, despite the presence of electric cars in the model range, Ford is not going to build its own infrastructure of chargers for public places, relying on existing chargers.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen, on the contrary, decided to focus on the development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. To date, more than 1,200 charging terminals have been installed at ten Volkswagen production sites in Germany. Most of them, about 500, are located in Wolfsburg; the rest are in Hanover, Brunswick, Salzgitter, Kassel, Emden, Osnabruck, Zwickau, Chemnitz and Dresden. In three years, the number of terminals will increase to four thousand units.

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