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Russia threatens US aircraft carriers with the fastest missile in the world | Zircon

The news about the mass production of the Zircon was Moscow's tough response to the increasing provocations of the West. The Indian edition of the EurAsian Times discusses the threat posed by the fastest Russian missile to American ships and what advantage it gives to the Russian Navy.

Recall: recently it became known that the Reutov NPO of Mechanical Engineering has started mass production of a hypersonic sea-based missile "Zircon". This decision was preceded by a series of successful tests of the projectile both from a surface position (the last test launch was made by the frigate Admiral Gorshkov on November 18) and from aboard the nuclear submarine Severodvinsk.

According to the military analyst of the portal Sakshi Tiwari, the Zircon will become a serious argument of the Russian fleet in the growing confrontation with the United States and NATO. It is also a strong trump card of Moscow in the Indo-Pacific region, to which the attention of the leading world powers is growing.

"The news about the start of mass production of the Zircon also indicates a tough Russian strategy to deter its opponents, since information about the latest missile appeared against the background of the visit of another US Navy ship to the Black Sea," writes the analyst of the EurAsian Times.

The speed of the "Zircon" is nine times the speed of sound. The missile is capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 1000 km. Impressive characteristics allow the "Zircon" to crack even advanced missile defense.

"The Zircon rocket can be safely called the fastest in the world, so it is very difficult to find protection from it–" comments Sakshi Tiwari. "The plasma cloud that surrounds the rocket during flight allows the projectile to remain unnoticed by radars."

"Even the most modern American aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, can be sunk by only a few Zircons," the Indian observer points out. "The fact is that even if the ship detects the missile, it will have too little time to intercept it."

Hypersonic weapons will allow the Russian Navy to significantly improve its position in the arms race, which today involves three leading maritime powers — the United States, Russia, and China.

"The Zircon gives the Russian Navy a strategic advantage around the world — in all waters where Russian ships can be deployed to deter a powerful enemy. The Indo-Pacific region can be cited as an example," the expert from India summarizes.

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