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The fall of a British F-35B fighter jet into the sea was caught on video

The incident with the Royal Navy fighter F-35B Lightning II, which fell into the Mediterranean Sea earlier in November, was caught on video. The entry was published by The Drive.

A video of the fall of the Royal Air Force F-35B stealth fighter during takeoff from the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth was published on Twitter by British journalist Seb Haggart. The incident occurred on November 17.

It is reported that the pilot ejected, he received minor injuries.

The footage shows how, after taking off from the runway, the plane falls into the sea.

According to The Daily Mail, a possible cause of the crash was the ingress of a plug into the engine during takeoff. This is possible if the ground crew did not remove the plugs when preparing the fighter for departure.

It is noted that the flagship aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, which joined the British Fleet in 2017, is the largest warship in the history of the Royal Navy. Currently, there are only 17 F-35Bs in the British armed forces, it is planned to purchase another 138 fighters. ВЈ12.9 billion has already been allocated for this.

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