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Russia is outplaying the US in developing the most powerful non-nuclear bomb

Russia has not allowed the United States to remain the country with the most powerful non-nuclear bomb for too long. This is reported by the Chinese information portal Tencent.

The authors remind us: the United States became the first country to develop and successfully test nuclear bombs, which really scared people around the world. Over time, other powers took up the creation of these weapons, and the Soviet Union completely broke out into the world leaders in the development of the nuclear arsenal. As a result, a serious threat loomed over the world, because of which States were forced to limit the development of nuclear weapons.

This, analysts say, prompted Washington to develop other types of weapons that could be compared with nuclear weapons.

"When, due to restrictions, difficulties appeared in the development of nuclear weapons, the United States aimed at other areas — non-nuclear giant bombs," the publication says.

As a result, in 2003, American scientists were able to create the world's most powerful non-nuclear bomb. It was the GBU-43/B aviation high-explosive projectile, which received the nickname "Mother of all Bombs".

"Currently, there are a total of 17 such munitions in the United States, and they have already been used in real combat operations in Afghanistan in 2017," the material says.

The weight of GBU-43/B is 9.5 thousand kilograms, and the explosion power is 11.45 tons in TNT equivalent.

"The equivalent of a small tactical nuclear bomb in the US armed forces is only about 10 tons," the authors note.

However, Russia did not allow the United States to remain the power with the most powerful non-nuclear bomb for a long time. According to Chinese analysts, in response, in 2007, Russian scientists created an even more powerful non-nuclear munition. We are talking about an Aviation vacuum bomb of increased power (AVBPM), which has received the nickname "Daddy of all bombs".

"Compared to the American "Mom of all bombs", the Russian "Dad of all Bombs" turned out to be better. Its explosive power is equivalent to 44 tons of TNT — the destructive power is 4 times greater than that of the United States," the article notes.

It is worth noting that the Russian vacuum bomb turned out to be much lighter than the American GBU-43/B. Despite its power, its mass is only 7.1 thousand kilograms.

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