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Russia has de facto concluded a military alliance with China

Russia has de facto concluded a military alliance with China. Such conclusions were presented by the American military expert Caleb Larson.

The defense ministers of Russia and China signed a roadmap some time ago, implying the development of closer ties between the two countries. According to Caleb Larson, the appearance of such a document confirms that the Russian Federation and China have de facto concluded a military alliance with each other. This is reported by the publication The National Interest (NI).

"The Russian Defense Ministry explained that the Russian Federation and China have expressed a common interest in intensifying strategic military exercises and joint patrols," the author of NI noted.

Caleb Larson stated that a few weeks ago, a joint Chinese-Russian naval group passed through the Tsugaru Strait separating the northern and southern islands of Japan. Although the strait divides the country in half, the narrow body of water is part of international waters, thanks to a legislative quirk that allows American nuclear submarines to pass through this passage. Russia and China took advantage of this legal loophole and sent their warships there.

The parties cooperate in other areas as well. This month, Russian and Chinese strategic bombers carried out joint patrols of East China and Japan Seas.

"China and Russia are concluding a de facto military alliance," an American analyst opined.

The impetus for expanded military cooperation between the two countries was the sharp deterioration of Russia's relations with Western countries. China is also engaged in a very intense dialogue with the United States, which is largely due to the problem of Taiwan's affiliation. Against this background, it is not surprising that Moscow and Beijing have begun to get closer in the military sphere. Together they are determined to resist the West.

"Given the deteriorating relations of Russia and China with the United States and Europe, it is not surprising that the two countries are moving towards closer military relations. Although Beijing and Moscow are not yet committed to a specific military alliance, they intend to jointly resist the West," Caleb Larson expressed his opinion.

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