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The head of Audi demanded to stop extracting fossil fuels

Audi CEO Markus Duesmann, at a climate conference organized by Speigel and BCG, called hydrocarbon production the main cause of climate change. "Climate change is caused by fossil fuels that we extract from the earth. This has to stop. We need a society free of fossils," he said. He intends to achieve this with the help of electrification, although more than ten years remain before the brand's full transition to electric traction.

Earlier this year, the company announced that by 2025 there will be 20 fully electric cars in the model line, and by 2033 there will be no internal combustion engines left in it at all. At the same time, Audi promises that from 2026 all-new models of the brand will be exclusively electric. Plug-in hybrids, according to Dyesmann, will "eliminate the gap" between cars with internal combustion engines and electric cars, thereby "smoothing the transition to electric traction." He added that "there will still be a place for hybrids in the next few years." Talking about electric cars, the head of Audi also stressed the importance of infrastructure: "Where electric cars are, there should be charging stations. There really can't be too many of them."

At the same time, electric cars will not provide a larger power reserve on a single charge. Dyesmann stated that future Audi with electric power plants will, on the contrary, be less "long-range". "I don't think that installing high—capacity batteries, with a power reserve of thousands of kilometers, will become a trend," he said. The development of infrastructure for electric cars in the form of an increase in the number of charging stations will make it simply unnecessary, the top manager believes. As a result, the battery capacity will begin to decrease, making electric vehicles less heavy and expensive.

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