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Hackers hacked Trump's social network on launch day

Hackers carried out an attack on the new social network GETTR, which was created by the former press secretary of the 45th U.S. President Donald Trump, Jason Miller. This happened on the day of its official launch on July 4.

This was reported in the Insider comment by a hacker with the username @JubaBaghdad, who, in particular, took responsibility for hacking the social network.

So, on July 4, hackers broke into the most popular and confirmed accounts, as well as the support page on GETTR. In particular, hackers changed user profiles on the platform.

The page of former Trump speaker Jason Miller, who founded and heads the platform, was also attacked for about 1.5 hours.

A hacker with the username @JubaBaghdad said in a comment to the publication that he broke the social network “just for fun” and that it was” easy “ from a technical point of view.

“They (developers) should not publish a website without making sure that everything, or at least almost everything, is safe,” the hacker added.

At the same time, GETTR CEO Miller told Insider that the problem was discovered “in a matter of minutes”, and all the attacker was able to do was “change several usernames”.

“The situation has been corrected, and we already have more than half a million users who have subscribed to our exciting new platform,” he added.

What is already known about the social network?

GETTR formulates its mission as follows: “Fighting the culture of cancellation, promoting common sense, protecting freedom of speech, fighting the monopolies of social networks and creating a real market of ideas.”

The functionality of GETTR is very similar to Twitter: you can publish messages there (the limit is 777 characters) and videos up to three minutes long, organize live broadcasts and use a hashtag. In addition, GETTR allows you to import messages from Twitter.

GETTR apps appeared in the Android and iOS stores in mid-June; since then, they have been downloaded a little more than a thousand times each, Politico adds.

According to The Daily Beast, GETTR's sponsors include Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui, who fled the country because of criticism of the Communist Party, and former Trump adviser Stephen Bannon. He was arrested on suspicion of embezzlement of funds, but Trump acquitted him in the last days of his presidency.

At the same time, according to Bloomberg journalist Jennifer Jacobs, Trump does not intend to join GETTR and still plans to create his own social network.

After the events in the Capitol on January 6, leading social networks blocked the accounts of Donald Trump for inciting violence. In June 2021, Facebook announced that the blocking will last until January 2023; Twitter does not plan to remove the blocking.

Against this background, Trump announced plans to create his own social network. But a one-way communication platform appeared, which was closed in less than a month.

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