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The American mistakenly received $50 billion to the account

There was a technical failure at the local bank. The man reported the error of the financial institution himself.

Darren James, a resident of the American town of Baton Rouge in Louisiana, found $50 billion in his account that did not belong to him, CNN reported.

“It's not a one-zero error or a two-zero error, it's someone accidentally fell asleep on the keyboard. I was thrilled. I was very surprised and asked if I had a rich uncle who gave me money, " said a man working as a realtor.

At the same time, James himself called the bank and reported the error.

“There is a big difference between morality and legality. Honesty and good moral qualities immediately take effect, we can't do anything with money. I didn't earn them, it's not our right to spend them,” the man said.

According to the local bank Chase Bank, they had a technical failure for unknown reasons, as a result of which several customer accounts were affected. The problem has already been solved.

Recall that last year, American Blaise Aguirre became richer by $2.45 billion due to a banking error. The man was a customer of Bank of America.

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