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In the USA, a woman stole a truck, and during the chase stopped for lunch

Leaving the police chase, the American rammed two cars, and when the police caught up with her at McDonald's, she began to fight.

In the US state of Massachusetts, a woman stole a truck, rammed two cars, and during the chase decided to take a break and have lunch at McDonald's, where she was detained. The curious case is reported by the ABC7 publication.

It is noted that an unusual incident occurred in the city of Worcester. So, the man turned to the rescue service because an unknown person stole his pickup truck. The location of the hijacker was established by the GPS navigator, which is installed in the pickup truck.

After the theft, the woman, having rammed one car, managed to escape from the chase. Then the American decided to have a snack and stopped at McDonald's. The hijacker was about to make an order, but then the cops drove up. The woman tried to escape again and rammed another car, but the stolen truck got stuck in the mulch.

During the arrest, 38-year-old Joanna Gardell refused to get out of the car, and when the cops managed to pull her out, she began to fight. Now the woman is accused of several crimes at once.

Earlier it was reported that an 11-year-old boy stole a school bus in the United States. A schoolboy on a bus and a string of police cars drove through several districts of the city of Baton Rouge.

And before that, two teenagers hijacked a plane in the United States. The young hijackers flew 15 miles and successfully landed at Vernal Regina Airport in Utah.

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