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The analytical news portal В«Break NewsВ» began its work in 2021 and specializes in objective coverage of current events in the world.

The international situation has been out of balance in recent decades. The world is vacillating between the scenario of building a new international security architecture and the scenario of sliding into a confrontation of the blocs.

In order to objectively reflect the events described, we try to involve primarily experts, as well as journalists from various countries, who are familiar with the processes developing in their countries from the inside, in order to provide you with only and relevant information from reliable sources.

A balanced and timely analysis of the complex, sometimes a contradictory combination of political, socioeconomic, historical, and cultural factors of the development of different countries is intended to give the reader a clear picture of the events taking place, as well as to promote the development of good-neighborly relations between the countries and strengthen trends in the formation of new security architecture in the world.